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Addressing all Citizens of the Free Irish Republic, our UK neighbours and all Citizens of the World that find themselves under threat of Universal Wipeout. The following is a simple analysis of the available Scientific Research presented to you in a straight-forward manner. The purpose of this information is to provide you with HARD EVIDENCE that you are being lied to and your behaviour manipulated for the gain of those who hold power over you.

"Covid-19 is an attack on Culture, Society, Humanity and ultimately Spirituality. As a people, as a race, as a society, and ultimately as Spiritual Beings connected to a Higher Source, we alone and together have the power to defeat Covid-19 and and put an end to this charade. For your own sake and for the sake of your children, your communities, your villages and towns, your businesses and ultimately your Country and your Planet I urge you to educate yourself with the information provided on this page AND more importantly I urge you to follow these simple guidelines to Defeat Covid-19":- Jonny O'Gorman (JOG IDEAS)

Summary of the Basic Findings

  • SARS-COV-2 is a Genetically Modified Virus with specific Gain-of-Function Modification to Infect Cells
  • SARS-COV-2 can be reproduced many many times over in any lab with the equipment to do so
  • SARS-COV-2 is distributed in the Population by Vaccination Programs that have been approved for use since October 2019. To avoid infection simply avoid Vaccination
  • Covid-19 is a catch-all term to describe symptoms which may or may not be related to SARS-COV-2 infection
  • Madagascar, a poor country that has experienced zero Deaths from Covid-19 ALREADY has a Safe Natural Organic Cure
  • There are no naturally-occurring Viruses - Dr. Stefan Lanka
  • PCR Testing is used to test for RNA, Not Test for a Virus
  • PCR Testing is Not Reliable and Results can be completely Manipulated by Government and Private Organisations
  • RTE, the National Broadbcaster, is colluding in this dangerous charade and is Guilty of Lies and Withholding Vital Information from the Irish Population
  • All Business owners have a Constiutional Right to Open and Operate their Businesses
  • All Churches have a Constiutional Right to Open and Practice religion with unrestricted numbers

Guidelines to defeat Covid-19

  • 1. Ignore ALL Government Guidelines and Laws based on FALSE Covid-19 Assumptions
  • 2. Accept Arrest (Highly Unlikely) but Do Not Accept Guilt
  • 3. Challenge, in Court, the validity of the Covid-19 Assumptions. The Burden of Proof lies with the Prosecution to prove the Validity of THEIR assumptions. Since their Assumptions cannot be Proven, all Laws underpinned by those assumptions are Unlawful. Your case will be dismissed.
  • 4. Re-open all Business Immediately. Threat of losing License will not hold up in Court.
  • 5. Recommence All Religious Service Immediately. Threat of Arrest will not Hold up in Court
  • 6. Remove all loved ones from the care of your National Health Services. Unfortunately our Health Services are RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MAJORITY OF COVID-RELATED DEATHS.
  • 7. Refuse all Vaccinations. Vaccinations are 'Unavoidably Unsafe' according to the US Supreme Court.
  • 9 Reject all Pharmacutical Drugs
  • 8. Reject ALL Chemical, Alcohol and Petro-Chemical Cleaning Agents
  • 9. Be kind to An Garda Siochana/(your Police Force)
  • 10. Overcome your Fear with Courage and Willpower

"The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated"

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, MA, MB, FRCPC, FCAP, CEO and Medical Director of Western Medical Assessments, a Company selling the Covid-19 Test, speaks in laymans terms at the Edmonton (Canada) City Council Community and Public Services Committee meeting on Nov. 13 about the city’s move to extend its face-covering bylaw.

"Positve Test Results DO NOT imply Clinical Infection"

"Everything Should Be Open Tomorrow"

"3-5000 Units of Vitamin D Every Day for the Vulnerable"

"Risk of Death under 65 = 1/300000"

"Led Down the Garden Path by the Chief Medical Officer"

Video: The Smoking Gun: SARS-COV-2 Was Created in a Lab

The following Video details the REAL Science behind SARS-COV-2 and the Cover-Up by Scientists around the World. The following image encapsulates the Smoking Gun. The Family Tree of known viruses related by their Genomic Sequence, the basic language that describes all viruses. The Video details how the SARS-COV-2 virus occupies a completely seperate genomic sequence to every other known virus and why this could only have happened inside a lab and not in Nature.

This link takes you to the Instruction Manual for creating an Infectious Virus from bits of DNA Material.

What we also know about Viruses is that Vaccine companies mess about with Viruses in labs and that the worlds governments are lining up to roll out vaccines that were created in a lab to combat a virus that was created in a lab. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a Lab-constructed Virus can easily be distributed by Vaccination thereby causing Community Outbreaks which can then be blamed on behaviours that everybody considered normal only twelve months ago.

Listen to Robert F. Kennedy describe how the FDA and Vaccine Companies are fully aware that Vaccines cause serious long term side effects

More from Robert F. Kennedy - "Influenza vaccine contains mercury, a known neurotoxin"

Zach Bush MD explains how People are Dying AND how to Save Lives

In this clip Zach Bush MD explains how humans have eveolved in tune with Nature and Viruses/(Exosomes) and how Air Pollution, Soil Pollution and Medical Procedures to treat Covid-19 are actually causing deaths, and how a change in Mind-set as to the cause, symptoms and treatment of Covid-19 could actually Save Lives.Watch the full interview here. Vist Zach Bush MD

Madagascar ALREADY has a Cure for Covid-19

Purchase Covid Organics Online

Simple Effective Low Cost Treatment for Corona Virus Infection

Recorded in March 2020 - A balanced PH is crucial to combatting Viral infection. Natural Medicine such as Collidial Silver, Olive Leaf Extract, Ginger, Lemons and Bread Soda can be bought for as little as €35 and used to effectively treat SARS-COV-2 infection.

Mathematical Proof that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Not Reliable

Lets just look at the PCR test from a purely Matematical perspective and see exactly how accurate it really is...

This is the formula used to calculate whether a person is Covid-19 Positive or Covid-19 Negative. If you are not familiar with Mathematics you may find the Language difficult to interpret but the basic analysis is that the Outcome of the PCR Test is completely Arbitrary and totally dependent on the values assigned to the Amplification Factor and the Cutoff Point. Dr. Andrew Kaufman summarises the Test perfectly in this image taken from his analysis of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Click on the image to watch his full video.

Considering how completely unreliable PCR is as a Testing Standard it is understandable that the inventor of the machine, invented in the late 1980's said this "this machine should never be used to test for infectious diseases". In fact, PCR is a bio-medical analysis tool that was developed to test for Lung Cancer in patients by looking for the presense of Exosomes, cell-detoxification agents present at the time of disease and incorrectly identified as Viruses as the following Video clearly explains...

In fact, the results of the PCR Test is so ridiculous and meaningless that Governments don't even have to bother getting results. They can simply invent results to suit their own narritive and present figues that sound scary but are in reality not scary at all.

Below are the actual Real Statistics up to date (03/11/2020) compiled from data available from the Central Statistics Office and the Johns Hopkins Center for International Corona Virus Research. Click on the Image to Enlarge.


Should you Wear a Facemask?

Article 40 of the Irish Contitution guarantees the Right to Bodily Integrity for every Citizen. This Right is described as follows:-

Bodily integrity

You have a right not to have your body or person unjustifiably interfered with. A person can only interfere with your body with a valid justification and in a proportionate manner. Similarly, you have a right not to be subjected to torture, inhumane or degrading treatment. If you are in custody, you have a right not to have your health endangered while in prison.

What this means in practice is that nobody and no organisation, not even the Government, or your teacher, in the case of schoolchildren, can force you to wear a facemask. The question of Valid Justification is a matter for a Court to decide, not shop-keepers and not Gardai.

Everybody has a right to choose whether or not they wear a facemask - so the question of whether or not a facemask is necessary or effective is fundamental to that decision. The image of the label on the side of a standard box of N95 facemasks clearly indicate that this mask is completely useless at preventing the spread of CoronaVirus/Covid-19.

Moreover than that, the Legislation states that "If you have difficulty wearing the mask you are not required to do so". Your employer should not require you to wear a facemask. You, and/or your employer, are putting your health at risk by depleting your available oxygen and increasing carbon dioxide levels. You are also breathing in your own toxic exhaust, which is the purpose of exhalation after all.

I would also like to remind all shop owners, staff and teachers that Discriminating against a person, for whatever reason, is a criminal and Civil Offence and you may be sued for a very large sum of money if you insist on a customerS, staff and schoolchildren wearing facemasks...

The following scientific study was carried out to determine the effectiveness of mask-wearing to prevent the SARS-COV-2 infection. The outcome of the study shows there is no significant reduction in SARS-COV-2 infection due to mask-wearing.You can find the study published here...

There are NO (Natural) Viruses

When you ignore History it is bound to repeat itself... In May 1983 Doctors at Louis Pasteur Institute reported that they had isolated a new virus which may be the cause of AIDS... By 2001, 25 years later, a Court in Germany reported that the HIV Virus cannot be isolated. Dr. Stefan Lanka is at the heart of this startling discovery which has the potential to completely change the way we look at Health and 'Healthcare'. In 2017 he won a case in the German Supreme Court which ruled that the Measles Virus does not exist.“The Misconception Called Virus”. Dr. Stefan Lanka 2020 Article

AIDS is caused by the Diagnosis of AIDS.

Fear is the underlying emotion. Covid-19 is Pandemic of FEAR and CONTROL. Overcome your Fear with Courage and Willpower.

Moderna - mRNA - the "God-Vaccine"

Late November 2020, Moderna recently announced that its Covid Vaccine is 95% effective. No actual data has been published, let alone peer-reviewed. The media are hailing it as a great step forward. The EU, including Ireland, has ordered 160 million doses. Emergency legislation is being pushed through by the Irish Government to absolve all litigation should the vaccine cause harm or death. Yet here is Del Bigtree, speaking way back in July, at the time when 45 people volunteered for Phase 1 trials.

"this is the message everyone needs to share with everyone they know"

UK Government preparing for High Rate of "Vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction"

The UK Government is so concerned that its 'Vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction' tracking technology will not be able to handle the very high number of adverse outcomes it is expecting as a result of its planned widespread vaccine-rollout policy, that it has ordered and paid £1.5 million for an new Artificial Intelligence system to track this data. Here is the link to the procurement tender which, not surprisingly, was not subject to a public tendering process.

The Irish State is in Breach of Irish Constitution

Article 15 of the Constitution States:- 4.1° The Oireachtas shall not enact any law which is in any respect repugnant to this Constitution or any provision thereof. 2° Every law enacted by the Oireachtas which is in any respect repugnant to this Constitution or to any provision thereof, shall, but to the extent only of such repugnancy, be invalid.

ARTICLE 44 of the Constitution states "1. The State acknowledges that the homage of public worship is due to Almighty God. It shall hold His Name in reverence, and shall respect and honour religion."

By forcing the closure of all Public Worship in Churches across the Republic, the State is in Breach of its own Constitution. Any pronouncements about protecting the Public Good are clearly a pile of rubbish as the information contained on this website as to the Origin and Distribution of SARS-COV-2 xlearly indicates.

ARTICLE 45 states "The principles of social policy set forth in this Article are intended for the general guidance of the Oireachtas. The application of those principles in the making of laws shall be the care of the Oireachtas exclusively, and shall not be cognisable by any Court under any of the provisions of this Constitution.

1 The State shall strive to promote the welfare of the whole people by securing and protecting as effectively as it may a social order in which justice and charity shall inform all the institutions of the national life.

2 The State shall, in particular, direct its policy towards securing:– i That the citizens (all of whom, men and women equally, have the right to an adequate means of livelihood) may through their occupations find the means of making reasonable provision for their domestic needs.

By actively preventing business owners to operate free and fair trade the State is in direct breach of its own Constitutional objectives and is instead clearly pursuing an agenda based on a concoction of lies regarding the Origin and Distribution of SARS-COV-2 as clearly indicated by the information available on this website.

RTE Guilty of Lies in relation to the US Election (and everything else)

RTE was contacted by email on Sunday evening with an excerpt from Rudy Guiliani's Press Conference in which he and one other speaker outline clear and Concrete Evidence of Voter Fraud in the US Election. Despite this RTE reported that Donald Trumps tweets failed to show any evidence of Voter Fraud while simultaneously failing to report that Rudi Guiliani and one other speaker, Cory Levandowski, did provide samples of widespread real and CONCRETE evidence which will be presented in Court and will result in the re-inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America.

Listen to Brian O'Donovan with-holding the Truth in Relation to Voter Fraud and incorrectly referring to Joe Biden as President-elect

Listen to Rudy Guiliani and one other speaker, Cory Levandowski, outline clear evidence of Voter Fraud in US Election.

Click on the Image to see the email that was sent to Morning Ireland containing the clip from Rudy Guiliani's Press Conference.

If we cannot trust the National Broadcaster to report the Truth about the US Election then how can we trust them to report the Truth about Covid-19. You may think these are unrelated topics. It could not be more related. A Joe Biden Presidency will spell the end for Humanity and we must do everything to Stop this Global Takeover by a Pharmacutical and Tecnological Heartless Tyranny. Show Support for President Donald Trump and every American Citizen who has already woken up to the reality of the situation we are living in.

Waiting for "DRIVETIME RTE" to answer fundamental Questions about SARS-COV-2

RTE's Drivetime has promised to answer questions regarding the Vaccines on Friday 11th December 2020. It has asked for questions to be submitted by email. So given my huge research into the issue I have formulated the most fundamental questions which I hope will be addressed on the show. The emails are picture below. Click to enlanrge.

Answering my own question and going deeper...

And finally, calling out the Chinese Perspective on the True Nature of Health

Read the references for yourself...

As of now I am waiting with interest to hear if Drivetime address any of these questions between 4:30 and 6pm on Friday 11th December. I will post the relevant Audio Clip here.

We Support the American Citizens fighting for Donald Trump

Listen to this Audio Cip from a REAL American Veteran as he captures the sentiments of the American Public to uphold and protect the American Constitution - recorded November 11th 2020

US Election is NOT OVER - Friday 18th December 2020

Green Party ignores use of GMO's in Child Flu Vaccine

The Green party was contacted in relation to the use of GMO's in the Child Flu Vaccine. GMO's are banned in Ireland and the Green Party is one of the strongest voices opposed to their use. Yet they have chosen to turn a blind eye to the use of GMO's in the Child Flu Vaccine and have also refused to answer question regarding the purpose of the many other harmful substances contained in this spray-poison for kids. Click on the email below to read the full content.

Check the links for yourself.

DUP Ignores warnings of Vaccine Massacre in Northern Ireland

The DUP were contacted on November 13th and implored to use their VETO Power to stop the rollout of the Covid Vaccine. They were warned explicity that the vaccine would cause major injuries and deaths and that these would be blamed on people travelling home for Christmas. Click on the email below to read the full content.

Do your own Research - Useful Resources

"Out of the Night-time and into the Dawn" - Jim Morrison

I personally became aware of the Plan back in March 2020. It was laid out in great detail. Never-ending lockdowns, facemasks, widespread testing, infection-by-testing, mandatory vaccines, digital ID's, restricted travel, isolation and a financial meltdown the world has not yet experienced. As Governments aligned to thw CCP, the EU and the Joe Biden fake-presidency-elect narrative scramble to get their ridiclous plan for widespread mass murder over the line, many people are slowly waking up to the reality that this Scamdemic smells a bit fishy, Many more are actively working to end this charade and step into a new reality of Christ Consciousness, the Second Coming. "Out of the Night time and into the Dawn" - Jim Morrisson (RIP). It is time to wake up. Be Clever. Seek out Masters. Have Faith in Yourself and Trust in God, trust in Mother Earth and trust in Nature. This is the Plan. Be strong. Show no Fear, Flick the Switch and step into the Light. This is the Ground-game.Download the article and Paste it up in your Local Community. Advertise your Support on this Website. Share http://cphet.ie/

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